ReSawn Antique Factory Beams. Price Reduced!!! $3.00/bf

Product Price: $3.00

Product Description

6AAEC553-6FF1-4B39-9216-9E0A2574FF30259EFD17-E5E7-43AE-BAEC-31F626ABA6BECustom band saw milling of our 120 year old factory beams, Doug fir, hemlock and a little southern yellow pine, is available.  this lumber has over 100 annual growth rings in each piece,  is quite dense and of high quality.

$4.00 a board foot in most cases.  Can make fresh cut beams and posts from 4 x 4 up to 10 x 10.

Full 2” or 2.5” thick x 12 or 10” wide is popular for mantels.

Our rough factory timbers dimensions are mostly 10” x 12” or 12” x 12” with a few 13” x 13” and up to 13’ long.93EFA9F6-D016-4F4D-A005-44A51778FBA81031159C-F094-4D2A-B878-3FFC6D33FE6852316572-74E5-40D9-9FAA-4C8ADC97CAB334C47335-0366-401E-B82C-CB1F494C91A0