Carriage house doors


Six panels originally used as carriage house doors.

Each panel is either 31” or 32″ wide X 89″ tall.

picture shows one of the two garage doors we disassembled, each garage door opening built up of three panels. Divided lite on top portion of door.

Four panels in reusable condition, fifth one is damaged badly on the bottom. Top is still good on this one.

All are very old, painted both sides numerous times, and have some issues, like cracking panels or small amount of rot on very bottom, but five are very reusable.  We would recommend using outside unless you went to the trouble to strip them.

Price is $99 to $125 per panel, depending on condition, they all are matching, picture is of three panel bolted together when in use as garage “kick up” style door prior to removal.

Product Price: $125.00

Product Description

IMG_50961 Carriage house door