Both our locations have permanently closed. 

You can pay in Bay Bucks local currency, (100% of the first $500 of sale), trade credits, Michigan checks with picture ID- signer must be present, cash, and if you cannot pay with any of the above, we will take MasterCard, Visa and Discover. Beginning July 16th 2019 we will add a 2% admin service fee to all credit and debit card purchases. Thank you for your understanding.

We offer a pickup service (trade credit reduced) for items adding up to over $100 in sales value used.

We have a skilled, insured field crew available to go to your job and remove materials from the surface of the walls in (or outward).

We can, in the right situation, bid on compete deconstruction of wood frame buildings up to 2 stories tall. We cost, on average, 30 to 40% more than destructive alternatives, and in turn, rescue 80 to 85% of the materials from being wasted. This cost is with the value of materials factored in.

We offer trade credits, an in store credit good for 2 years, for materials that:
* a demand exists for
* are in clean reusable as-is condition
* not in oversupply
* complete, no pieces missing
Please note that we routinely turn down materials at our door that do not meet the above criteria.

Trade credits are 25% of the estimated sale value of the item, and are issued immediately. Credits under $50 are paid in Bay Bucks local currency. Larger credits are issued on paper.

Cash is paid out for select items that pose no risk to us in purchasing, such as sets of 12 or more matching cabinets, french doors, claw tubs, Victorian fretwork or similar rare finish architectural pieces. Subject to supply and demand.